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As I wrote in May 2020 <Why Taiwanese Basketball Professional Leagues Are Collapsing?>, things have changed dramatically since then. Since SBL(Super Basketball League) was cut almost half now (in a total of 4 teams), a new league named Plus League (P.League+) has risen to become the biggest rivalry of the SBL. What is this new P.League+ coming from?

Photo credits P.League+

P.League+ consists of 4 teams. Two teams are former ABL teams(Fubon Braves and Changhua Formosa Dreamers), and the other two teams are entirely new (Hsin Chu Lioneers and Taoyuan Pilots). …

During the COVID-19 period, the Taiwanese government is doing a great job keeping the infection number low and thus the local profession leagues in Taiwan such as CPBL(Chines Professional Baseball League) and SBL(Super Basketball League) is still playing when most leagues are not playing around February and March this year. Even NBA star Danny Green of the Los Angeles Lakers is watching SBL Finals online and did a live chat stream with the Yulon Luxgen Dinos point guard Marcus Keene. Though Taiwanese basketball caught every basketball fan in the world back when the pandemic got worse two months ago, SBL…

When the majority of the NFL fans are probably still celebrating Tom Brady’s and the Patriots’ lost, some of the teams with no playoffs like Arizona Cardinals have started their new season preparation way before the Wild Card game was played. Within just a couple of weeks, Cardinals had made some moves and need more adjustments for the upcoming offseason.

credit to
  1. Vance Joseph returning as Cardinals defensive coordinator

According to Kyle Odegard on, it is confirmed by the Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury that Vance will be back.

“Vance will be back.”Kingsbury on Vance Joseph’s return

“I never wavered in…

The USL Championship’s Western Conference semifinals today was held at Casino Arizona Field. However, the host once again disappointed the home fans and finished the season with a 1–2 loss to the Real Monarchs. Though Phoenix Rising ended the season with a twenty game-winning streak, they broke their fans’ hearts.

Photo courtesy Phoenix Rising Football Club Official Facebook

In Arizona, there were no Major League Soccer teams, so Phoenix Rising from the second-highest level of the US soccer system, USL Championship, was the best soccer team the Arizona local fans could have. You could tell from the atmosphere at Casino Arizona Field and understand that the Rising built…

Everton drew a 0–0 with Crystal Palace for the very first game of the EPL season. With a few big names such as Moise Keane were brought to the blues, the toffees expect the club to have a stronger start of the season. However, the away game against the eagles was a bit more dramatic than the fans thought……

Photo credit to Everton Football Club Official Facebook

The first turning point at Selhurst Park was Andre Gomes’ injury around the 45th minute. Before Andre’s injury happened, the blues controlled the pace pretty well, though not many great chances were created. Once Gomes was out of the game, Marco…

自上篇文章【從被剃除名單到再次捧盃:美國隊長Rapinoe】後,將著把時間軸拉近,看看更新發生的【政治歸政治,體育歸體育?】事件。昨天美國隊以2球之差擊敗荷蘭,再次贏下冠軍以外。Megan Rapinoe除了拿走金靴獎以外,也有其他的風波繼續延燒。



除了先前Rapinoe於2016年9月18號,單膝跪地支持NFL球員Colin Kaepernick關於美國警察暴力和平權的訊息,本屆世界盃賽會,其實Rapinoe以其他方式,表達不滿;例如在2019世界盃冠軍賽,演奏雙方國歌時,儘管身旁的隊友大聲演唱,隊長Rapinoe持續拒唱國歌,也沒有將手放在左胸前;在攝影機一如往常地,慢慢將鏡頭從尾巴帶到排頭的守門員和隊長,形成強烈對比。


美國總統Donald Trump已經邀請美國隊前往白宮,在8強賽對上法國隊前。但Megan Rapinoe已經拒絕前往。

接受Eight by Eight採訪時,Rapinoe說:「我才不會去那該死的(F*cking)白宮不,我不會去白宮;我們不會被邀請啦,我懷疑。冠軍或者啥都沒有?當然,總是這樣。我們有很大的期待同時也是負擔,但那也會帶出我們最強的一面。而且我們只期待贏下每一場,假如我們剩10分鐘輸兩球,我們還是期待贏下那場;我們也曾經歷那種情況,勝利已經深植我們心中。」


Trump也已經立刻發推特,表示恭喜美國隊奪冠,並說美國為你們全部人感到驕傲(America is Proud of you all.)

而Rapinoe隊友Ali Krieger接受CNN訪問時,也說自己不會去白宮。Ali Krieger的推特說:「根據總統今天的推特,我知道你無法控制或觸摸的女性讓你生氣,但我支持Rapinoe並且也會支持這件事情。我不支持官方,也不支持他們對LGBTQ+族群、移民、或其他更弱勢團體的攻擊。

配偶Sue Bird發文參戰

Megan Rapinoe的配偶,也是WNBA西雅圖風暴的籃球員Sue Bird也在Players’ Tribune上面寫了篇長文,對此發表看法:「所以總統恨死我的女朋友了。

Sue Bird也直言:「就算上季與西雅圖隊贏下了WNBA的冠軍,我們也不會去那該死的白宮。我是說,這有點好笑……但真的?真的嗎?這傢伙(指Trump)?

如今,美國隊已經真的贏下冠軍,在法國慶祝完以後,肯定還會回美國繼續慶祝。但場外的風波有關美國隊長Megan Rapinoe、WNBA球員Sue Bird、以及美國總統Donald Trump的相關風波,相信將在近幾天繼續延燒…

Taiwanese Men’s Football Team, perhaps internationally known as the Chinese Taipei National Football Team, faced an awkward situation in the World Cup 2018 qualification, and perhaps another storm is coming in 2022 qualification games……

Back in 2015, Taiwanese FIFA World Ranking was so bad (Internationally ranked 182, 39th in Asia) that our team has to play from the qualification’s very first round play-off. Playing the home game against Brunei, the Taiwanese unbelievably lost 1–0 to the Tebuans (The nickname of Brunei Darussalam national football team), due to a mistake made by the goalkeeper Chiu Yu-hung (邱育宏). However, the Taiwanese made…

Looking bright for the future with a scoring machine like Devin Booker and a local centerpiece like Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns had another disappointing season with only 19 wins. After this tragedic year is finally over, the Suns’ unexperienced GM James Jones will face numerous obstacles in the upcoming season. Furthermore, the decisions Jones make this summer perhaps will decide the length of Phoenix Suns’ playoff drought.

Photo credit to Phoenix Suns Official Facebook
  1. The Unpredictable Future for TJ Warren and Josh Jackson

According to Arizona Sports’ longtime talk show host, John Gambadoro, Phoenix is now trying to trade away TJ Warren or Josh Jackson.

TJ had…

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